ERP software and MRP software from Statii are tools developed by manufacturers for manufacturers. The company that built the software from scratch knows that automation is essential to increasing productivity system wide or across different departments of any organisation. At the same time, however, human ingenuity and intuition have been built into the platform since the software was actually engineered by humans who have actual, day-to-day experience in running a successful and thriving manufacturing process.

Humans traditionally learn from mistakes and Statti's automated procedures have all taken this all-important factor into consideration in developing an application for small, medium and large scale operations. This is done to ensure that the same mistakes will not happen again and that the entire organisation benefits from precious lessons of the past.

Understanding this crucial concept behind every Statii ERP and MRP solution is in turn vital to every manager tasked with overseeing key aspects of the manufacturing mix. Man, machine and technology must work together to ensure success for everyone on the shop floor, behind the scenes, as well as anyone involved in human resource planning. To demonstrate, the precious inputs of these individuals are all taken into consideration by the artificial intelligence that is the backbone of the entire IT application.

Therefore, it is a gross miscalculation to assume that there is no human responsible for the success of the entire operation by the end of the day's production cycle. On the contrary, the software that animates everyone in the chain relies heavily on the interactive thinking of the entire human team. And so every success is as much a triumph of the human spirit as well as of technological prowess.

This is how Statii solutions take the best from both worlds and ensure their perfect symmetry and collaboration are harnessed to the fullest extent. The top man of the organisation can rest assured that the negative consequences of a shortage, accident or absenteeism are addressed by minimizing their impact and preventing their subsequent occurrence.

In the event of a raw material shortage or an employee being absent for example, the system sends out automated notes with an accompanying explanation on how the matter affects the performance of the entire organisation. But it does not stop there. The software also issues out recommendations on how negative impacts can be avoided, which can be the subject of the next production meeting.